MSNBC’s Wallace: ‘Any Company’ Donating to Republicans Supports ‘Racist Disenfranchisement of Black Voters’

MSNBC’s anchor Nicolle Wallace said Wednesday during an appearance on “The ReidOut” that “any company” donating to Republican candidates “will be associated with racist, disenfranchisement of Black voters” because so far, there has not been Republican support for the Democrats voting legislation.

Anchor Joy Reid said, “Nicolle, the other thing is if you are projecting to potential voters, ‘I don’t want you to vote,’ right? If Laura Ingraham says that the evils of a voting reform bill would be making it easier to vote, making it easier to vote, anything that makes it easier to vote, same-day registration, early voting. Mike Lee called voting reform, making it easier to vote like straight out of Hell, the pit of Hell. I think that’s basically saying do to us again what you did to us in 2020, Black voters. I don’t get it.”

Wallace said, “I guess what we can take from it is that it’s all laid bare. Nothing is in the closet anymore. The Republicans are now openly trying to disenfranchise voters. They’re acknowledging that the more people vote, the worst the margins for Republicans will be.”

She continued, “The reason Mitch McConnell gave the speech…he gave the speech on the day he acquitted Donald Trump for a deadly insurrection in which the mission statement was ‘Hang Mike Pence’ and a noose was erected. He knows hanging Mike Pence is noncommercial. They’re worried about corporate donors. Stacey Abrams, trying to tie the audacity of sort of disenfranchising anyone in America, but let’s be blunt about what it is, it’s Black and Brown voters who tend to not ever vote for Republicans. That is the next front in this. That’s where it needs to go.”

She added, “Any company who thinks they can give money to Republicans because they like their positions on regulations and taxes needs to understand that they are voting for voter suppression. If it’s a company that has a product, they need to understand that that product will be associated with racist, disenfranchisement of Black voters.”

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