April Ryan: Tucker Carlson Show a ‘Deadly Witches Brew’ — Fox Should Be Ashamed

CNN political analyst April Ryan called Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Channel program a “deadly witches brew” during Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Ryan said, “Everyone cares about Tucker Carlson, the entertainers’ attacks. He’s a thorn in Biden’s side, a thorn in everyone’s side. He is stirring a deadly witch’s brew in his cauldron all for the purposes of gaining more attention and more people, which translates to money for Fox. Tucker Carlson has put a lot of people’s lives on the line for his entertainment purposes.”

She added, “You can’t ignore it because the numbers are so great when they come at you. But what you do, again, in order to save your life, you have to speak on it and call it out to show people what is happening. This is inhumane what he’s doing, and a judge had to rule over Tucker Carlson when his attorney talked about him. He’s not a news reporter. He’s an entertainer. This entertainment is deadly, and Fox should be ashamed of it. And we saw the threats that came into reality on January 6 because of a brew — a poisonous witches brew was stirred up over there.”

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