Georgia Lt. Gov. Duncan: GOP Doesn’t Need Election Reforms — We Need to Move Past Trump

Lieutenant Gov. Geoff Duncan (R-GA) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that Republicans did not need to pass election reform bills. Instead, he argued they needed to move past former President Donald Trump’s “tone and strategy.”

Duncan said, “We passed four election reform bills two weeks ago in the senate. As you mentioned a second ago, there is a lot of solutions in search of a problem. Republicans don’t need election reform to win. We need leadership. Millions of Republicans are waking up realizing Donald Trump’s tone and strategy is un-winnable in forward-looking elections. We need real leadership and new focus, GOP 2.0, and includes moderate in the middle to get us to the next election.”

Anchor Chuck Todd asked, “Republican legislature after legislature is making it hard to vote. You are not. Why are you in the minority?”

Duncan said, “This started shortly after the November election when all the misinformation started flying up. Quite honestly, it hurts Republicans in any sorts of conversations around election reform. We lost credibility. Those are ten weeks we can’t take back. January 6th was a pivot point for this country and party. We got four years to win back the White House. We are not going to do it with a divisive tone. We are not going to do it, missing or solving big problems for real people. If you are a single mom with three kids working two jobs, you don’t care about Democrats or Republicans. You care about real solutions to your problem. We are the party of solutions. We need to make sure we stay focused on that.”

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