Lara Trump: Liberals Hypocritical on Biden Border Crisis — Where Is Crying AOC?

Fox News contributor Lara Trump said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” that liberals like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are being hypocritical about the surge of unaccompanied minors at the U.S.-Mexico border, now that Joe Biden is president.

Trump said, “We had the most secure border under my father-in-law, under President Donald Trump that we have had in decades, and I think the best thing possible is to discourage people from making that really dangerous, awful journey north through our southern border. The problem is that the Biden administration has said, ‘Well, if they come, we’ll take you in,’ So guess what’s going to continue to happen. You’re going to continue to have all of these children, you know, flooding our southern border. It is so sad. It is so hard to watch, but we have to get this under control. This is not fair to these kids. It’s not fair to Americans who are footing the bill now. $86 million to pay for hotel rooms for illegal immigrants. People that are breaking our law, coming to America, we are paying $86 million for hotel rooms. It is totally unacceptable, but you know what? We don’t expect to see that change because this seems almost like it’s part of the Biden plan, sadly.”

She added, “It’s total hypocrisy. You bring up a great point. The way they covered this under the Trump administration versus the Biden administration is total hypocrisy. Where is the outrage from the folks on the left? Where is AOC down there doing a photo op crying in front of a wall? Because I have news for her, it’s much worse right now than it ever was under the Trump administration, yet it has been crickets from those folks. I think it tells a very scary story. They know that they have millions of illegal immigrants coming to America. They are trying to change our voting laws. They are hoping one day that all of these folks can go in and vote with no ID because that’s one of the things in HR-1 that they are proposing. These are their new voters, and it is a terrifying prospect. If we let everybody flee flow over our southern border guys, we lose our country. It is a very, very scary thing going on.”

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