Ortiz: ‘Tax Increases on Small Businesses Are Coming’ if Biden Gets His Way

Job Creators CEO Alfredo Ortiz said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” that President Joe Biden was planning to increase taxes on small business.

Ortiz said, “Tax increases on small businesses are coming if Joe Biden gets his way and his tax plan goes through. Peter just reported on all spending, well, something has to pay for it, and that something are tax increases on small business. It is either going to be through the repeal of the 20% tax deduction or through an increase of 33% on our small businesses. Either way, this is disastrous for all small businesses. To that, we said heck no.”

He added, “They are just completely out of touch. They truly don’t understand our small business community. They don’t, and how important they critically are to not only our country but communities across the board. These tax hikes, this will be disastrous for small businesses. It’s a miracle that the small businesses that have already survived 2020 are still around, and now to put this on top of them, are trying to get this out and survive. This is just unbelievable. We are going keep being loud about this. We did send a letter to Congress and the leaders of Congress about this, and hopefully, we will answer this back. We have to keep making this a very, very loud issue, so all Americans realize what’s happening.”

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