W.H.O. Adviser: Evidence for COVID Originating in Wild ‘Is Nonexistent’ So Far

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” World Health Organization adviser Jamie Metzl stated that while it is possible that the coronavirus outbreak started in the wild and then jumped to humans, there is no evidence to prove this so far.

Metzl said the W.H.O.’s report “is entirely inadequate. They’ve done a thorough job of investigating the first hypothesis that you mentioned, that it jumped from bats to other animals to humans, and that’s possible. But they’ve entirely discounted, without any significant inquiry, the very likely possibility that COVID-19 began from an accidental lab leak.”

He later added, “It is conceptually possible that this happened in the wild. The evidence for it so far is nonexistent, but we know that past outbreaks have happened that way.”

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