Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson on Georgia Voting Bill: ‘Corporate America Is Responding to Media Hype’

Thursday, during an appearance on FBN’s “Mornings with Maria,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) offered his thoughts on corporations putting pressure on Georgia’s state assembly because of legislation it passed to shore up election integrity after the 2020 elections.

Hutchinson hypothesized that corporate Americans responded to the media’s reaction, driven by a left-wing that said the legislation was bad.

“Well, you’re absolutely right, we fought very hard in the — for always to be able to have the states run our elections systems, that is the pattern of federalism that we have,” he said. “National elections are governed state-by-state, and that’s why we have the Electoral College. The H.R. 1, which is the federal power grab on controlling elections. It would be terrible for our states. It would be terrible for our democracy. And whenever you look at what’s happening in Georgia and corporate America, corporate America is responding to media hype. They’re responding to agendas of the left-wing that says this is bad. And they need to read the bill is the first part of it.”

“In Arkansas, we passed a voter ID law,” Hutchinson continued. “We’ve had it on books for some number of years, and there are two priorities that we have. One is, let’s have voter integrity. I think America expects that. And then, secondly, we do want to have the reputation for trying to expand votes and not shrink votes. And that’s a challenge for Republicans because as we emphasize voter integrity, we don’t want to come across with the impression that we don’t want more people voting because we do. And, in fact, voting rights are going up. And that’s what we want to accomplish.”

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