Scalise: We’ll Find Best Way to Get Dems on the Record on Court-Packing, ‘We’ve Forced Votes’ Before

On Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said that Democrats need to go on the record on their position on the court-packing bill proposed by some Congressional Democrats and that Republicans will look at the best way to force Democrats to publicly give their position on the issue the same way Republicans have forced votes on other issues like defunding the police.

Scalise said, “Well, there [are] different ways, and look, we’ve forced votes on things like defunding police. Because every Democrat’s scared to death to talk about it, but they all supported it in various ways, they supported defunding the police, even though America doesn’t. So there [are] ways. We’ll surely look at where the best place is to get Democrats on record.”

Scalise further discussed the possibility of a discharge petition to force a vote on the floor on the court-packing bill, and how Republicans have used discharge petitions on other pieces of legislation on abortion.

Scalise further stated, “Now that there’s a bill, we all need to start asking every Democrat, what is your position on Jerry Nadler’s radical court-packing bill? We’ll keep pushing on that one.”

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