Wasserman Schultz: We Can’t Ignore Racist, Evil GOP — ‘That’s What Happened in Nazi Germany’

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) declared Sunday on MSNBC that the Republican Party’s “racist” and “evil” beliefs could not be ignored.

She compared the current situation to the prelude to the rise of “Nazi Germany.”

Anchor Lindsey Reiser asked, “You sponsored a resolution to remove Representative Greene from her committee assignments, but she’s still a successful fundraiser. She has a following. So some say things like this should be ignored. We shouldn’t even talk about it. We have elected leaders pushing ideals associated with these hate movements. How do you feel the people you go to work with each day are pushing these ideals?”

Wasserman Schultz said, “Republicans aren’t even pretending that they’re not the party of white nationalists anymore. You can see why Marjorie Taylor Greene proves every single day why it was absolutely essential that we remove her from her committees. She’s a menace. She was removed because, in part, it was very clear that she was going to be nothing more than a distraction. Now she and other Republican members are traveling down in much more dangerous and dark paths.”

“Ignore, that’s what happened in Nazi Germany,” she added. “The supposedly benign, more softer Nazism at the beginning ultimately led to the Holocaust. If you don’t knock down the outrageous, racist, most really evil beliefs of Republicans and anyone like this, then we will live to repeat the discrimination and persecution of minorities or people who are deemed other in the future. That’s what never again is all about. I’m very careful about not making comparisons, but when you have to, when you see this racism and the ownership of  that only one race, only one people are acceptable, that’s when you start to go down a very dark path.”

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