DeSantis: With More Data, I Would Have Ditched ‘Faucism’ Earlier, Some of our Restrictions ‘Were Ineffective’

During a portion of an interview with Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” released on Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said that some of the coronavirus restrictions Florida did early on “were ineffective” and that if he had more data early on, he could have said “we’re not doing Faucism” earlier.

DeSantis said, “If I had had the — had more data, I would have had the ability to say, wait a minute, why would we need to close a gym for two weeks? I mean, these are younger people going to work out. If you’re healthy, you’re going to end up dealing with the virus better. And so, I think that it took me a few weeks, March and into April to get enough data to say, okay, we’re not doing Faucism. We’re going to make sure our state’s open. We’re going to get the kids back into school, and we’ll just focus our protection on elderly people, who are the ones that are at risk for this.”

Host Tucker Carlson then asked, “So, you’ve taken all this crap for not locking down. You’re saying, in retrospect, you wish you’d locked down less?”

DeSantis responded, “Some of the restrictions we did, I think were ineffective.”

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