GOP Rep. Biggs: Big Tech Engaging ‘the Kind of Censorship’ You See at Media Outlets in Bed with Authoritarian Governments

Thursday, during an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Morning with Maria,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) explained why he was rejecting all campaign donations from so-called Big Tech companies.

Biggs likened the behavior Big Tech was engaging with, similar to what one might see from media outlets in cahoots with authoritarian governments.

“Well, what they’re doing is they’re controlling the narrative,” he said. They’re preventing, actually, conservatives from having open dialogue. Look, they kicked the former president off. They took Project Veritas off for showing a video that demonstrated how biased CNN is. This is the kind of censorship that you saw in authoritarian countries from media outlets that were in bed with those authoritarian governments. We don’t want that, and we want to show that all of our colleagues should be saying, ‘Look, enough is enough. You need to be honest brokers.'”

“They’re not being honest brokers, and we need to call them out on that,” Biggs added.

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