Warren: GOP, McConnell, Trump Only Care About ‘Power for Themselves’ — Not Strength for Our Nation

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) declared Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), former President Donald Trump, and Republican lawmakers only care about “power for themselves, not strength and power for our nation.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace asked, “I wonder what your worries are about the direction that the Republican Party has taken since Trump lost and cost them control of the Senate?”

Warren said, “I am so deeply concerned about where Donald Trump is dragging the Republicans. Look what happened in Florida today. Instead of saying, as a state, let’s do what we can to make sure that every citizen gets a chance to vote. Instead, it looked like some kind of political rally. Where the governor, on Fox News, with no one else around, signs into law a bill that he practically holds up a sign, saying, I think this is going to help more Republicans get elected. That just feeds more into the. We don’t have to worry about truth. Donald Trump wants Republicans to bend a knee to the big lie.”

She continued, “We don’t have to worry about democracy. Donald Trump, the governor of Florida, and so many others are saying, let’s reshape voting in America so that Republicans will have a better chance to win. We don’t have to care. They’re saying about the future of our nation because what they care about, what Mitch McConnell cares about, what Donald Trump cares about is power. Power for themselves, not strength and power for our nation.”

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