Clay Travis: Sports Used to Be an ‘Escape’ — Now They’re About ‘Praising the Wokest Athletes’

Outkick founder and president Clay Travis on Thursday discussed Fox Corporation’s purchase of his sports and culture website,

Travis, on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” lamented the change in sports from being “an escape” from the world to now being about “praising the wokest athletes.”

“Used to be sports was an escape,” Travis outlined. “And now when you put on your television, sports has become politics by any other name, and we are praising the wokest athletes as if they are incredible heroes. Well, Outkick is an antidote to that. And I believe that with the growth and expansion and jet fuel that Fox is going to add to the company that we have created, we are going to be able to win a lot of these battles and return sports to a place that brings us together, as opposed to another divisive battle of culture wars, which, to me, this Major League Baseball decision when they pulled the All-Star Game, I think many people just threw up their hands and said no more.”

Travis also pointed out how “sports used to be the great unifier” and urged to bring that aspect of sports back.

“Sports used to be the great unifier,” Travis stated. “When your team scores, you turn to high-five people around you — you don’t care about the race, religion, gender, ethnicity and sexuality of anyone else. You are just celebrating together.”

He added, “In an era that we need to bring people together, we’ve lost that connective tissue over the divisiveness of sports. It’s time to fight that battle. Let’s bring everyone back together.”

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