Trump: Twitter, Facebook ‘a Disgrace’ — ‘They Have to Be Stopped’

In a Monday phone interview with Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” former President Donald Trump blasted social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

Trump said it is a “disgrace” that Twitter and Facebook have banned him and censored other conservatives on their platforms. He emphasized that the companies “have got to be stopped.”

[Relevant portion beginning around the 17:45 mark of the interview]

“Censorship. Facebook has banned you for two years. Twitter has banned you forever. How do you get the word out? Do you have a plan?” host Stuart Varney asked.

“Well, I have been getting it out. I do news releases or press releases, and … I think I’ve been getting it out very well, but they are really — these are bad people, these are dangerous people. … It’s got to be stopped because our country is in danger. You know, Zuckerberg would come to the White House to have dinner with me, couldn’t have been nicer. ‘Sir, you’re number one, congratulations, you’re number one on Facebook,’ all of this crap. He would bring his wife. It’s amazing, actually, when you think about it. But no, they have to be stopped, and they will be stopped eventually they are going to be stopped.”

“Why do you think they’re doing this?” Varney followed up. “There is, I mean, a whole group of people who just will not allow you to get out.”

“Because my voice is very strong,” Trump replied. “My voice is very powerful. I got 75 million votes, which is more than any sitting president ever got. I won the election, but they cheated, and by the way, Facebook and Zuckerberg with a $500 million worth of phony lockboxes that he put on, some of them had 96% Biden votes in them, 96%. They were like just dumping ballots. It was a phony deal, and let’s see how that all turns out, but there’s a lot of litigation coming, and what they did is a disgrace. And I think, you know, they allow dictators that say ‘death to America.’ That’s OK. ‘Death to Israel.’ That’s OK, but with me, they take me off because they are radical-left crazy people, and they’re destroying our country, and they don’t want to hear a sane voice. That’s why they — and it’s a voice that has — and you know, I was one of the top, by far, on Twitter and top on — and Zuckerberg said top on Facebook, and you know, on Instagram, too.”

“They’re a disgrace to our country. They don’t have free speech. We don’t have free speech anymore. And who are they to tell us what ideology we should be talking about, what politics we should be talking about? They’re a disgrace to our country,” he added.

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