Bolton: ‘I Don’t Think Biden Fully Understands What His Objectives with Russia Are’

Former Trump administration National Security Adviser John Bolton said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that President Joe Biden’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, their first meeting since Biden became president, is “premature” because Biden does not fully understand what his objectives with Russia are.

Mitchell asked, “What can President Biden expect to gain in this meeting with Vladimir Putin?”

Bolton said, “Well, I don’t think there is much for him to gain. I think there is considerable downside. I think this meeting is premature in the sense I don’t think Biden fully understands what his objectives with Russia are or how to achieve them. And there is a long list of potential disagreements and conflicts with Russia. Having a meeting where you just go down a list and check off, OK, we raised Russian election hacking, we raised Russian interference and the Donbas in Ukraine I don’t think accomplish as much.”

He added, “I think Putin is a wily, experienced, well-prepared leader. He is going to have his objectives. I am a little worried, frankly, that the Biden administration is more process than substance and will leave us vulnerable. I think you can always have phone conversations. I think this meeting is probably premature.”

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