GOP Rep. Massie: CDC Giving ‘Bad Advice’ on Vaccines for Those with Prior COVID Infection

Thursday, during an appearance on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the guidance it has put out on the various COVID-19 vaccines.

Massie told host Tammy Bruce studies had shown those that have had the virus get “no benefit” from the vaccine. Yet, he said the CDC continues to promote universal vaccinations.

“Well, the great thing about real science, and I’m not talking political science, but real science is repeatable,” he said. “And the Cleveland Clinic study shows that there is no benefit to the vaccine if you have already had COVID and recovered. Now, the reason that’s a repeat is, the CDC knew this six months ago. This is a scandal that I have been blowing the whistle on. I called the director of the CDC in Washington, D.C., in December and told them that the Pfizer trial data showed there was no benefit from the vaccine to those with prior infection. And they said, ‘Oh, wow. You are right. We will change that.’ And they never changed it.”

“And they have gone six months giving bad advice,” Massie continued. “Now, I’m not anti-vaccine. And I’m not saying go get COVID instead of the vaccine. But the other — the other research that came out of the Cleveland Clinic study is — that was a five-month study. And the average or median time — right, of 52,000 people, twice as many as either Pfizer or Moderna. They — on average, they went 10 months with immunity from a natural — from infection, natural immunity, without the vaccine. So, people need to quit saying we don’t know how long immunity lasts from having a prior bout of COVID. We know it lasts at least 10 months because nobody in the Cleveland Clinic study got reinfected.”

“And if that’s not enough trial data points for you, look at the study out of Israel,” he added. “It has 6 million people in it. They took the whole nation of Israel. And what they found was the immunity conferred by natural infection — again, I’m not saying go out and get naturally infected, instead of the vaccine.

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