Graham on the Fauci-Wuhan Saga: ‘I Smell a Rat’

Thursday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) weighed in on Biden chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci’s approach to determining the origins of COVID-19 and the reluctance to blame the Chinese government for the introduction of the virus.

The South Carolina Republican lawmaker suggested the efforts to frame the so-called lab-leak theory as a conspiracy theory were to deflect attention from a “relationship” some within the U.S. government had with the Wuhan lab.

“Not only did people die, but anybody who suggested it may have come from the lab in China, and competence in the lab in China infected the entire world, they were written off as right-wing,” he said. “Tom Cotton, President Trump was vilified. I’ve got a letter going to Dr. Fauci from myself and Senator Paul, asking him about the op-ed piece of the two scientists who believe that the sequencing of the Coronavirus proves almost positively that it came from a manmade laboratory experiment, not from nature. So how could they know so certain in 2020 February that the lab leak theory was a bunch of right-wing propaganda when it seems to be more likely than not today?”

“I smell a rat,” Graham continued. “This letter written by the scientist, I think, was designed to stop an inquiry because their ass was in a sling. They actually had a relationship with the Wuhan lab. And if it had been a lab leak, Trump would have been right. And oh my God, what would have happened if Trump was right about the source of the virus. This doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m not a scientist, but I understand conflict of interest. And I am going to ask until the cows come home. How did you know for sure, in 2020, it came from nature? How did you exclude the lab leak theory? And why is it more prominent today than it was back then? What happened?”

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