San Francisco Officer on Walgreens Theft Video: ‘I’m Used to It’ – It’s ‘Been Going on in the City for Quite a While’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” San Francisco Police Lt. and San Francisco Police Officers Association Vice President Tracy McCray stated that theft from a Walgreens store in a city that was caught on video “has been going on in the city for quite a while. I’m used to it.”

McCray said, “What happened in that Walgreens has been going on in the city for quite a while. I’m used to it. I mean, we can have a greatest hits compilation of people just walking in and cleaning out the store shelves and security guards, the people who work there just standing by helplessly. Because they can’t do anything.”

She added, “So, what you have is, obviously, crooks knowing that they can just go in. Because there are no consequences, not enough cops out. You try to put a cop at every corner, which is unrealistic, and just the criminals first agenda from the district attorney. Because he’s not prosecuting any of those crimes as felonies. … And as I said before, if you steal below $950, you get a citation and you just get to walk away. And if you don’t show up for court, guess what? Maybe you get a bench warrant, or maybe they even toss that before it even gets to that point. So, it’s just really anybody can come in and do whatever they want.”

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