Garamendi: If GOP Doesn’t Support Dem Voting Bill They Will Be Branded ‘Jim Crow Party of This Century’

Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Ayman Mohyeldin Reports” that if Republican lawmakers do not support the Democrats voting legislation, they will be branded as the Jim Crow party of this century.

Garamendi said, “The Democrats in Congress, the Democrats across this nation know and understand we have a variety of things we need to do. I mentioned the Rescue bill. We did that. That has made all the difference in getting this economy open again. Now we’re moving on to the solid infrastructure, which will be the foundation for economic growth in the future. Coupled with that is the workforce necessary to support the economy. That is your education, your child care, the benefits through not only the pandemic but have an opportunity in the future to get the education, the jobs training they must have to work in a modern economy and be competitive to re-establish America as the number one nation in the world.”

He continued, “Don’t forget that to be the number one nation in the world, we have to be the strongest democracy, and that brings us back to the voting rights issue. This is our package of issues. We will not let this package go. We will do everything necessary. We will make the compromises that move this thing towards the solution necessary for this nation. You saw the Senate making those compromises, good excellent. We are pretty much at the same numbers with hard infrastructure.”

Garamendi added, “The soft infrastructure if the Republicans don’t want voters to be able to vote, they will be forever branded as the Jim Crow party of this century. If they don’t want to educate our kids and vote for money for education and research, then they will be branded. They will be branded as the party that did not want America to be the competitive nation in this world.”

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