Cotton: Nike’s Message on Genocide in China Is ‘Just Do It’

Monday on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) slammed corporations led by so-called “woke” CEOs who seem to apply a double standard to U.S. domestic politics and China’s human rights abuses.

Among those he included was Nike.

“I guess Nike’s attitude towards genocide in China is ‘Just do it,'” he said.

“Jesse, it poses a big danger because Nike CEO is just another example of what I call China lobby,” Cotton continued. “All of the woke CEO’s the big Hollywood movie studios, the university presidents who depend on full freight Chinese students coming to their campuses. The lobby firms in Washington. The news networks that are either owned by or affiliate with those Hollywood studios needing access to the Chinese market. They all lobby in effect on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.”

“And let’s remember, too, that these woke CEOs saddle their high horse and ride it hard in America,” he added. “You talk about Nike with Colin Kaepernick. But when they get into China, they kowtow before the powers that be. And they never bring up anything like China’s genocide against its own people or crushing Hong Kong’s autonomy, or unleashing this plague on the United States. All they care about in China is money.”

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