MSNBC’s Del Percio: Republican Party Embraced ‘Neo-fascism’ — ‘It Needs to Burn Down’

Political strategist Susan Del Percio said Monday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that the Republican Party has embraced “neo-fascism,” so now it needs to burn down and be built back up.

Del Percio said, “You talked about fascism early on. Really, I’ve been looking for a new word for ‘Trumpism’ because I hate it because I think it goes deeper than just Donald Trump within the Republican Party. And I keep coming back to the same name. It’s neofascism. Forget Trumpism. It’s neo-fascism. That’s what the grassroots of the party looks like right now.”

On Allen West announcing he will primary Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) in 2022, Del Percio said, “In some ways, in a really weird way, people who believe in democracy, you know, normal Republicans and Democrats and Independents, they should be almost happy Allen West is running. Why? Because he may win. If he wins, he will be a very weak challenger to whoever the Democrats put up. We are seeing these really ultra-right-wing candidates being put up by Republican Party. Not just in Texas but in Ohio and other places in these congressional seats. The wackiest of wackies are going to win the Republican primary, but they’re going to lose in general elections. That may not just help Democrats, but it will help the Republican Party in a way because it will burn it down. Maybe not in 2022 or 2024, but after enough losses, we can see maybe normal returning because those neofascists will be out of the party.”

Host Joy Reid asked, “Do you have ideas on how to pull it back to, at least sanity, where we’re just fighting about tax cuts again?”

Del Percio said, “It needs to burn down. It literally needs to be demolished before you can go in and build it up again. And the people who actually say, ‘Please stay Republican’ are Democrats who like to say let’s argue about tax policy because they know you need a strong Republican Party. Right now, it’s not strong, but it needs–it really does need to be burned down to the ground so it can come back up. But that also means there has to be people willing to keep their Republican credentials to be there when it’s time to build it up.”

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