Scalise: Biden, Dems ‘Just Want More Government Control’ over Internet Instead of Standing up to Big Tech

On Friday’s edition of the Fox Business Network’s “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) stated that President Joe Biden’s executive order on Big Tech is just a throwback to net neutrality and the government trying to control the Internet, and “On the Democrats’ side, they just want more government control.”

Scalise said [relevant remarks begin around 4:00] that Biden’s order lacks teeth, “But what it does is it goes back into failed programs like net neutrality, where you have the government trying to take control of the Internet. This is about a big power grab by government. It’s not about President Biden standing up to big tech. Look, what we rolled out the other day is to try to bring more transparency and accountability to big tech, which is what we need, not just against their censorship of voices across the spectrum, primarily conservatives, but all across the board. But it’s also the abuse of personal data. Anybody who uses the Internet, which is pretty much everybody in America right now, has really no control over their personal privacy and their personal data, and that’s got to get reined in as well. And so, those are all things that we’re looking at on the Republican side. On the Democrats’ side, they just want more government control.”

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