Brzezinski Slams Trump, ‘Evil’ Media Allies for COVID ‘Cult’ — ‘People Are Dying’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski on Monday tore into former President Donald Trump and his “evil” media allies for having created a deadly cult regarding the coronavirus.

Brzezinski pushed back against allowing disinformation about vaccines to spread on the “Wild West” that is Facebook. She emphasized the importance of not allowing the likes of Trump and his allies to sow doubt about vaccines and weaponizing opposition to the vaccine.

“We want people to be protected from disinformation, to be protected from dying in this country, to be protected from people like Donald Trump who spread disinformation, who love to make sure that the division and the death continues,” Brzezinski argued.

“They all could be preventable deaths,” she later added while pointing to the percentage of COVID-related deaths by people who have not been vaccinated. “And all of the heartbreaking stories of the husbands or wives being put on ventilators and dying, and in the last moments, their last breaths of life, they regret that they listened to politicians or cable news hosts, who followed their dangerous, demented advice instead of just listening to their doctor.”

Brzezinski accused the people refusing to get vaccines of “living in a cult” with Trump, who got the vaccine in January, and “his evil allies on cable news and on social media and on Capitol Hill.”

“[W]e’ve been saying that those people following Donald Trump off a cliff were living … as if it was like a cult. Let’s be clear about this. This is not cult-like behavior. This is not ‘like a cult.’ This is now how people behave when they are in a cult,” she declared. “If you want to know why, it’s because they are, in fact, living in a cult — that’s the definition of one, and it’s killing them. Whether you’re talking about David Koresh in Waco or the Jonestown mass suicides or Donald Trump’s lies about COVID, people died, and people are dying, and they are dying because Donald Trump and his evil allies on cable news and on social media and on Capitol Hill. It seems like a very strong word ‘evil’ until you understand just how many people this cult continues to kill.”

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