Shaub: Hunter Biden Art Selling Exhibition ‘Sure Looks Like Profiting Off the Presidency’

Former Obama Ethics Chief Walter Shaub on Friday weighed in on Hunter Biden’s arranged art exhibition with potential “anonymous” art investors.

Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, is expected to sell his art anywhere from $75,000-$500,000.

Shaub told CNN’s “New Day” that the expose “sure looks like profiting off the presidency.”

“They’ve put an art dealer in charge of keeping a secret,” Shaub advised. “And really, what he’s doing is keeping a secret from the public because eventually, Hunter Biden or people in the White House will learn who it’s going to be. In fact, Hunter Biden, we now know, is going to be at two art showings where he will meet the universe of bidders on his art. So, they left that detail out when they said he had no way of knowing who was buying his art.”

“Ideally, Hunter Biden wouldn’t be doing this because it sure looks like profiting off the presidency,” he continued. “But if they couldn’t talk him out of doing it, there is something that’s within their control. They could promise us today if they happen to learn who any of the buyers are, they will notify us immediately, and they will tell us again if any of those buyers get a meeting with the White House or any other political appointee.”

Shaub added, “I have a feeling if he did it under a pen name, he wouldn’t get much for it.”

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