Maher: ‘Wokeness’ ‘Will Get People Killed’ – Slams NYT for Not Digging Into COVID Origins

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that defunding the police “will get people killed” and The New York Times refusing to investigate the origins of coronavirus because they thought the lab leak theory was racist is an example of the malicious “power of wokeness.”

Maher stated, “Defunding the police, I think, came from wokeness, and I think it will get people killed.”

He continued, “The Spectator says that The New York Times ‘refused to investigate’ they call, ‘the biggest story of our time.’ They’re talking about where the virus originated, maybe it was in the Wuhan lab. Because — they ‘suppressed efforts to probe the virus’ origins’ for, among reasons, because they thought it was racist. You see, because everything is race, come on, at The New York Times. And so, the paper of record is not reporting what I would expect the paper of record to report, the accurate news. That is an example of the power of wokeness. Yes, it does have power. So,  it’s not just one-sided. It’s just not as bad [as authoritarianism on the right].”

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