Cotton Calls on Biden to ‘Reverse Course’ on ‘Disastrous,’ ‘Ill-Planned’ U.S. Troop Withdrawal

Friday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) weighed in on President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the ensuing ISIS bombing that killed 13 U.S. service members and injured many more.

While speaking with FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Cotton slammed Biden for his “disastrous miscalculation for this disorganized, ill-planned chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.” He urged the president to “reverse course” on the August 31 deadline to “get every last American citizen out of Afghanistan.”

“I’ve been warning for two weeks now that we can’t trust the Taliban to conduct security at the airport or to help secure our citizens in Kabul, and we saw the consequences of that yesterday,” Cotton asserted. “Again, remember, we apparently gave the names of American citizens and Afghans and partner citizens as well to the Taliban to help them get through screening checkpoints. Just think about how insane that is. That’s like giving the Taliban a hit list for our people and our partners.”

“It’s all about Joe Biden’s desire to get as many troops out of Afghanistan possible without regard for the security consequences or the safety of our citizens on the ground or our partners, or those Afghans who served alongside us and who have been approved and vetted to come into this country,” he added. “What Joe Biden needs to do now is reverse course. He needs to stay at that airport as long as necessary, reopen Bagram, if necessary, to make sure we get every last American citizen out of Afghanistan and that we bring to justice those who killed 13 brave American troopers.”

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