MSNBC Guest Amandi: ‘Trump Is a Terrorist’ — MAGA a ‘Paramilitary Cult’

Monday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi called former President Donald Trump “a terrorist.”

Guest host Jason Johnson asked, “The idea of overt actions of violence against members of Congress seems to be part and parcel of the current GOP.”

He continued, “Does that work, polling-wise? Or is it all in the heads of Republicans?”

Amandi replied, “Well, Jason, it certainly works in the radicalized fringe segment of the electorate that the MAGA paramilitary cult caters to.”

Discussing reports on Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s upcoming book claim Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, took steps to prevent Trump from launching nuclear weapons and called his counterpart in China, Amandi said, “What Robert Costa and Bob Woodward with describing was General Milley in a hostage situation.”

He continued, “The very nature of the American republic was facing a moment of a potential domestic terrorist takeover. And the actions that I think General Milley were taking were trying to deal with a terrorist takeover. And I think frankly until we start speaking in the language of what is front of us – however alarming it may sound like, however dangerous it may be – I don’t think we’re doing justice to the point. I think that means calling Donald Trump what he is. He’s a terrorist. Donald Trump is a terrorist. This radicalized fringe element of what is today’s GOP is using violent threats.”

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