Deutsch: ‘The AOCs of the World or the Far-Left Are Suicide for the Democrats’

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch on Monday issued a warning to members of the Democratic Party about the far-left wing of the party, such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

On “Morning Joe,” Deutsch said that the far-left wing is “suicide” for the Democratic Party. He called on the party to “get some new faces” closer to the center because the socialists pulling the party to the left could spell “disaster.”

Host Joe Scarborough stated, “All I have heard over the past year — it’s been remarkable — is I am going to grit my teeth and vote for Joe Biden because Donald Trump is a fascist, and he is a threat to the American way of life. But, if I had any excuse to vote against the Democrats, I would do it because they are so progressive and so wildly out of step with mainstream America.”

“I live on the Upper East Side, Manhattan — it could not be more navy blue — and this is what I am hearing,” Deutsch replied. “By the way, they were Bill Clinton voters. They were Barack Obama voters. They weren’t Joe Biden — they were anti-Trump voters, all right? And Joe Biden does not have the hearts and minds of this country. And the other Democrats that we’ve seen being paraded for the AOCs of the world or the far left are suicide for the Democrats. So, the Democrats better get some new faces, and the Democrats better figure out that this world lives just right of center or on a good year, just left of the center, and it’s this the socialist kind of pulling all the way to the left is a disaster. And we are staring at a democracy in peril.”

“If we don’t get this right in 2024, it ain’t ever going to be right. You should be sounding the alarm bells of what’s going on now,” he added.

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