CNN’s Stelter Celebrates Superman Dropping ‘American Way’ Motto — ‘This Is a Global Franchise’

CNN media reporter and “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter said Tuesday on “New Day ” that Superman was dropping “The American Way” motto because he is a global franchise looking to the future.

Anchor John Berman said, “Batman and Superman, and I say this as a Marvel fan, they’re DC heroes, they represent something different. They’re decades older. I think they represent something different in American history. You know, Superman is very much a messiah figure. Batman is the vigilante. People get more worked up about them than I think other superheroes. Superman, first of all, bisexual, changing the motto from ‘Truth, Justice, and the American Way’ to ‘Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.’ That’s days of programming on Fox News.”

Stelter said, “A better tomorrow, yes. Now, the American way part of the phrase came during World War II. That was a logical move when there was this world war. I think now the message is this is a global franchise. This is a franchise looking to the future. And that kind of ethnonationalism perhaps is not the right style going forward. I do think it is partly about appealing to a global box office. But hey, who can argue against a better tomorrow? What’s so bad about a better tomorrow? It sounds kind of vague and simple to me.”

Berman said, “Are you against a better tomorrow? Anybody against a better tomorrow?”

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