Gabbard on Being Targeted by the ‘Establishment Elite’: You’re Either with Them or You’re Not

Friday on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime,” former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) explained how there were consequences for those that dissented from the so-called “establishment elite,” especially in the Democratic Party.

The former Democratic presidential candidate summed it up by saying you were either for them or against them and that there was no in-between.

“Yes, this really comes down to the reality, Will, that the American people are facing some incredibly serious challenges,” she said. “And really what we need right now are competent and caring leaders who put the interests of the people and our country above all else. But that’s not what we have. This is a bigger problem than Democrats, Republicans. This is about the establishment elite trying to hold on to their power and continue to increase it. And the mainstream media is a powerful arm of that establishment elite. And it comes down to this.”

“You’re either with them, agreeing with them, supporting them, carrying the water for them, or you’re not you’re either part of their team, or you’re not,” Gabbard added. “And if you’re not, and this is what we’re seeing happening now. It’s what I’ve experienced. Then they will target you censor you, demonize you, and call you a domestic terrorist and sick the attorney general on you, seeing you as a threat to their power and therefore the enemy.”

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