Cotton: ‘Nothing Is Going to Save’ Terry McAuliffe’s ‘Failing Campaign’

During a Wednesday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) sounded off on President Joe Biden campaigning for Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia after the former governor described him as “unpopular.”

Cotton said McAuliffe’s polling numbers are sinking “under the weight of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failed economic policies in what he predicted would be a “preview of what will happen next November” in the midterm elections. He added that McAuliffe has been calling on Biden and other Democrats leading up to Election Day “to help save his failing campaign.”

“I think Terry McAuliffe is looking for any harbor in the storm. He has been flailing for weeks now as his poll numbers sink under the weight of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ failed economic policies,” Cotton outlined. “So, he has called in Joe Biden, he’s called in Stacey Abrams, he called in Barack Obama. He is looking for anyone to help save his failing campaign, but nothing is going to save Terry McAuliffe. That race next week is going to be a canary in the coal mine when Glenn Youngkin is elected governor of Virginia as a preview of what will happen next November when the American people repudiate Joe Biden and the Democrats and elect Republicans to take back control of the Congress.”

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