Mark Levin: Rittenhouse Has ‘Strong Case’ Against Biden for Calling Him a ‘White Supremacist’

Conservative talker Mark Levin, host of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” and author of “American Marxism,” says that he thought Kyle Rittenhouse had a case against President Joe Biden for calling him a “white supremacist.”

Levin referred to Paula Jones and former President Bill Clinton and added that there was no presidential immunity given when Biden had made the comments about Rittenhouse, he was not the president.

Transcript as follows:

HANNITY: Joining us now, 10 weeks in a row, number one on “The New York Times” list, “American Marxism.” He is the host of “Life, Liberty and Levin”, is nationally syndicated radio host. There’s a reason I call him the great one.

Mark Levin, a lot of ground here. Dying to get your thoughts.

LEVIN: First of all, why do we care what they say on “The View”? They have a collective IQ of negative 17. They’re like a bunch of yentas who sit around and who really cares what they think. I certainly don’t.

Part of the problem is you asked earlier the breakdown in law and order. The breakdown of law and order has been institutionalized by the Democrat Party and their media. It’s been institutionalized by them. And the media is so racist now, we don’t have a free press. We have a tyrannical press.

All you have to do is spend a couple hours watching MSLSD or CNN, what I call the constipated news network, and you’ll see it. It’s very, very quick. They talk about white justice, systems set up for white people. That’s Joy Reid and her limited brain capacity.

Then there’s another one in there, Tiffany I think her name is. She’s trying to outdo Joy Reid. But this is a company MSNBC that’s owned by Comcast.

I just want everybody to know that out there they own NBC and Comcast and AT&T, well, they own CNN. So these huge corporations, these corporatists, they think they’re buying silence by siding with these Marxists, these kooks, these radicals.

And in fact, what’s happening is the media in this country, they’re destroying this country. Rittenhouse case involved three white men, all felons, that’s the commonality. One white teenager, Rittenhouse, a white judge, white prosecutors and white defense counsel, and somehow it was racist. That’s pretty sick. Waukesha, you have another felon. So, the three people shot in the Rittenhouse case were all felons.

The individual who mowed down innocent human beings the other night, he’s another felon. Who is it that seeks the felon vote? Who is it that seeks to have felons as part of their base? Who is it — Bernie Sanders — who said that he thinks people still serving time should vote, whether they’re on death row, or the rapist or whatever? So this is — this is part of the Democrat Party base.

That’s why their media jump out front and always defend the felons against earnest Americans, and the Democrat Party campaigned for that vote in the Democrat Party and their surrogates and the media they confuse vigilantism with good Samaritanism.

Kyle Rittenhouse was a Good Samaritan. He wasn’t a vigilante. Everybody knows what a vigilante is. But here’s what the racist media on MSNBC and CNN did not report — that is the slaughter that takes place in our cities, largely black on black crime, largely young black men killing young black men. It never passes their lips in this white dominated society. It’s an amazing thing.

CRT, white dominated society, but we have a real problem of the kind of mayhem and slaughter that’s taking place in our cities. Here is CBS local in Chicago, over 30 shootings and six killed.

So let me do something for a few minutes, Sean, that’s a little unusual but you will not hear on self-righteous MSNBC or CNN and haven’t. At least six people have died from gun violence in the city of Chicago as of Saturday night. The fatal shooting of the weekend a man was shot and killed another was wounded in West Angle, a 35-year-old man was found inside the residence with a gunshot wound to his hip, and a 45-year-old was also found in a parked vehicle outside with gunshot wounds to the chest and head.

The 35-year-old victim was transported to the Chicago fire department by that department to Christ hospital was initially listed in good condition. The 45-year-old victim was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

In another deadly incident, a 22-year-old man was shot in the head Saturday afternoon the victim was standing on the corner, minding his own business, when an unknown person walked up and shot him in the head. The victim was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition and then died.

Police also said a 47-year-old man was shot in a drive-by around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. He stood on a sidewalk. He suffered a gunshot wound to the lower right abdomen. He was taken to the Stroger Hospital and was pronounced dead. It’s all in Chicago.

Sunday, a 19-year-old man was shot in the head in the — let’s see — your South Shore neighborhood. The victim identified as was pronounced dead at the scene. A 14-year-old boy was killed in a shooting in the city’s Roseland neighborhood, police say he was — he was near a sidewalk.

These are all innocent people being slaughtered in our big cities — there’s only Chicago but we’re worried you see about vigilantes. You see like Kyle Rittenhouse who defended himself, shot three felons and then another felon is out driving — driving and yes trying to kill people at a parade.

A 16-year-old boy suffered a gunshot wound — I’m not done — on Saturday. Police said the victim was walking, walking. When he heard shots and felt pain, the victim was transported to the Stroger hospital.

A 33-year-old man was shot during a robbery. Police said the victim was outside when he was shot at multiple times by an unidentified male offender who fled the scene. He was shot in the head and in the arm.

Let’s see, 27-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound in the back of the head in a Roseland neighborhood Saturday morning. The victim was transported to the Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition. A man was shot following a verbal altercation early Saturday morning in the Belmont Heights Neighborhood.

And you know what I’ve only just gotten started, America. Here’s some more. Here’s some more. Here’s some more.

I just want to know why on MSLSD and the constipated news network, why they claim to be so concerned and that they don’t cover any of this? if I hadn’t read this what I just read to you would not be on any national television program not one.

Why aren’t people concerned about felons roaming around? Why aren’t they concerned about Joy Reid says the whites are concerned about property rights, you know, because that’s what the nation was founded on? Maybe next time she negotiates her contract, she can remember that because she seems to be into property too.

But all that said, it’s not that. It’s not about a white dominant society. It’s not about corrupt judges or corrupt police or corrupt juries. It’s about a culture in decline and the culture in decline is led by the racist media in this country, which appears by these giant corporations, whether it’s Comcast, AT&T, whether it’s Bezos over the Washington compost or whatever it is, they cannot hire enough reprobates, malcontents and miscreants who hate this country, who undermine this nation, who do not care for law enforcement because when they go home, they’re not going into these communities.

It’s like professional sports. They run around with stuff on their sneakers and on their shirts and they think they’re revolutionaries. Meanwhile, they support communist China they won’t say a damn thing about the Uyghurs being slaughtered, the Christians being rounded up, the Tibetans being killed. But they’ll talk about slavery that occurred 150, 200 years ago.

We can talk about that but what about modern day humanity and so forth? No, no, no. The people on TV, they go home. You know, people need to know when you go to the studio, you’re trying to make a king or a queen with makeup and all the rest. They go home. Everything’s fine.

Then, they show up for the revolution in front of the camera then they go back home to their to their nice neighborhoods and so forth and so — I’m just saying this, the greatest threat we face in this country right now is the American media and the Democrat party who are at war with our culture, at war with our society, at a war with our constitutional system. That’s it.

HANNITY: Mark, I got a question. I have a question before you say that’s it, I’m done.

One question.

LEVIN: Too late.

HANNITY: Legal remedy in a case like this, I had Nicholas Sandmann — you know what they did to that kid for wearing a MAGA hat at a pro-life rally, and they lied about him and he’s now already settled with media organizations. Does Kyle Rittenhouse have a case against all these people in the media that lied about him called them a white supremacist? Does he have a case against Joe Biden for example?

LEVIN: All right. Let’s take Biden first.

Based on the Bill Clinton case, the Paula Jones case, he absolutely does have a case against Joe Biden. There is no presidential immunity because he wasn’t president. He was a private citizen and the Supreme Court ruled on that, yes, you can bring a civil case against somebody who becomes president of the United States based on what they’ve done prior to that time so he would have a case against Joe Biden, even though he’s a public figure.

Look, even though the Supreme Court has rewritten the First Amendment in a way that protects, reprobates in public office, you can still overcome it. If somebody makes a definitive statement that you are a white supremacist, and they have no evidence whatsoever, and they had no evidence at the time, despite all the levels the courts have put in place, that is a strong case.

I saw this Tiffany and I don’t know her last name on MSNBC, even after the trial, she talked about Kyle being a something like a young, white supremacist murderer. That is a great case to bring against somebody like her as far as I am concerned.

We’re not talking about defending a free press here. This press isn’t free, it’s tyrannical. This press is supporting activities and supporting movements that are destructive of this country what I call this American Marxist movement.

If you’re going to go on TV and be a bigot, a racist, a homophobe and you’re going to do it night after night after night, as far as I’m concerned — yes.

And I’ll tell you something one other thing, they are destroying or trying to destroy the character of anybody who doesn’t agree with them. So in other words, you can be black, you can be brown, you can be red or whatever it is, if you don’t join in this Marxist revolution that they’re pushing or this critical race theory or the degrowth movement they call climate change, you don’t believe in the redistribution of wealth from the people who produce it to the people who don’t from the private sector, this massive monopoly of a government we have, they start characterizing you. And they use racism.

There was a study done by a guy at the Heritage Foundation about a year ago. It’s in my book. And he points out that the use of white supremacy and the use of racism and so forth by the media, by The New York Times, it was up twelve hundred percent, by The Washington Post, it was fifteen hundred percent.

HANNITY: Hey, Mark —

LEVIN: And when they talk about white racists, they’re not talking about the Klan or the neo-Nazi, they’re talking about all white people, and including people of color who love this society and love this country.

And not only that, they have an anti-Semite problem too in the media. Look how they protect Tlaib and Omar and AOC. And so, I think we need to start focusing on companies like Comcast and AT&T and others, we need to start going to their shareholder meetings. We need to start demanding that they – –

HANNITY: Mark, I got to roll —

LEVIN: — the news or they report opinion, but out without all these racist bastards who go on television whether they’re tenured professors or something else who go on TV and are lighting fuses all over the place for which they take no responsibility and no consequence. That’s it again.

HANNITY: All right.

LEVIN: That’s it.

HANNITY: I actually did that at the Patriot Awards in your honor. Great one, Mark Levin, thank you.

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