L.A. County Assistant Sheriff: Zero-Bail Policy Means Burglary Suspects Are ‘Generally’ Released

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Los Angeles County Assistant Sheriff Bruce Chase said the zero-bail policy that Los Angeles County has that began at the beginning of the pandemic and is still in place has made it so that burglary suspects are generally released.

Chase said that it’s difficult to hold burglary suspects due to “the zero-bail policy that is currently in effect in Los Angeles County. It was initiated at the beginning of COVID to try and create a little extra space in the jails, and we still have it going on.”

He added, “So, it’s not everyone. There are defined crimes. There are certain crimes that bail still applies. Some of the suspects we’ve arrested we’ve been able to get bail enhancements, but if there’s no record of a recent arrest and just a simple burglary charge, generally, someone will be released with a citation to appear at a later date.”

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