Blackburn: ‘Russia, China, Iran and North Korea Are the New Axis of Evil’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) called Russia, China, Iran and North Korea “the new axis of evil.”

According to Blackburn, the leaders of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea see weakness from the Biden administration, which is why they are becoming “very aggressive.”

“We have to realize that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are the new axis of evil,” Blackburn asserted. “And Putin and Xi are watching very, very closely the weakness of Joe Biden. If you’re going to say economic sanctions, Putin is not going to believe that he is going to do that. Biden just gave him the biggest gift he ever needed, which was the Nord Stream 2. And this is going to help them. You look at the links between Russia and Iran. You look at China and their aggressiveness with Taiwan. You look at how Iran is pushing against Israel. And we have to realize all of this is related, Sandra. These leaders, these … brutal strong men, are looking at Joe Biden. They realize he is not in charge, and this is why they do not fear him. This is why they are being very aggressive. This is why they are trying to go in and take territories.”

“You know that Putin is looking and remembering that Barack Obama and Joe Biden didn’t stand there and help the Ukraine when they were having the issue with Crimea. You had Obama sending them blankets and meals ready to eat. You had Donald Trump come in, and what did he do? He lined up with them, he gave them artillery, and help and support,” she added. “So, they know that Joe Biden won’t do anything and Vice President Harris, she probably is not even aware of the intensity of the situation and the amassing of troops that are there on the Ukrainian border and the work that Russia is doing to position these troops to go in, and what do they do? They grab the land. When we go in, what do we do? We free people, and we free territory. That is the difference. It is why we have to remain the world’s lone superpower.”

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