Sears: Criminals Don’t End up in Nice Neighborhoods of ‘Woke People’ Who Let Them Out, Woke Should Help Those They ‘Claim to Help’

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Fox Business Tonight,” Virginia Lt. Gov Winsome Sears (R) said that “we have woke people letting the criminals out” but those criminals don’t end up going to the neighborhoods that woke people live in because the woke crowd lives in nice areas and can afford private security, and urged the woke people to actually help those that they “claim to help and to love more than anybody else.”

Sears said, “[B]y the way, when the criminals are let free, they go right back into that community. And is it any wonder then, that the people who live in those communities are afraid? They are afraid to talk to the police because, you know, there is a saying on the street, snitches get stitches. And people want to be safe. And so, the crime continues. And we have woke people letting the criminals out. You know, the criminals aren’t going to those folks’ neighborhoods, no. Because they have security systems or they live in gated communities or they’re just pretty safe neighborhoods. Help the people who you claim to help and to love more than anybody else.”

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