Exclusive Video — Freedom Convoy Trucker: We’re Here Because ‘We’re Not Free Anymore’

Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

“We’re not free anymore,” Ryan, a truck driver from Manitoba with the Freedom Convoy, told Breitbart News on Thursday in Ottawa, ON. He drove into the nation’s capital city with his brother, who is also a trucker, with whom he alternates custody of the truck.

“I am here to support freedom in this country,” he said when asked for his motivations in joining the demonstration. “Like many of us, our ancestors have come from all over the place, but all of my ancestors came from Prussia, Ukraine, and my grandpa came over here in 1925 to escape persecution. They were being — you could say — slaughtered, persecuted.”

He added, “They come to the country for freedom. They come to Canada for freedom, for farming. We have freedom in our little community, and we have the Charter of Rights, and suddenly, all of that’s kind of thrown out the window, and we’re not free anymore. So that’s why we’re here, essentially.”

Ryan parked his semi-trailer truck in downtown Ottawa, blocks from Parliament Hill. Having already been there for days, he said he would not leave until the rescinding of coronavirus vaccine mandates and other governmental restrictions on human rights marketed as “public health” measures related to COVID-19.


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