Carlson: ‘There Is No Point in Supporting Ukraine if Our Leaders Ignore Our Own Bill of Rights’

Monday, on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson questioned the knee-jerk from Democrats and others in the media aligned with Democrats who have suggested forms of censorship to counter so-called Russian disinformation.

Carlson has been on the receiving end of accusations of “parroting” Russian talking points since the beginning of the Russian on Ukraine, leading some to question freedom of speech protections under those circumstances.

The FNC host rejected those accusations and suggested the invasion news had been coopted by Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), to promote their political agendas.

However, Carlson emphasized how dissent against the Democrats’ narrative was being threatened, which he argued was a threat to democracy domestically in the name of promoting democracy abroad.

“[I]n a democracy, citizens, who rule, have an absolute right to have any opinion they want, period,” Carlson said. “That’s not an ancillary freedom. That’s not some random thing we have as an added bonus as Americans. That — freedom of speech, freedom of conscience is the central freedom we have. It’s the whole point of the country. And there is no point in supporting Ukraine if our leaders ignore our own Bill of Rights. And we should demand they respect our Bill of Rights before they take a single step forward in defense of any other democracy, period.”

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