GOP Rep. Gonzales: Border Numbers Will ‘Double’ if Title 42 Is Rescinded, ‘This Turns Into a Nightmare’

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) stated that “We’re seeing the exact same thing” as the migrant crisis that overwhelmed Del Rio in 2021, but the influx has been spread out and that the numbers will double if Title 42 is eliminated.

Gonzales said, “[T]his border crisis has not stopped. You know, we saw Haitians overwhelm Del Rio in August of last year. We’re seeing the exact same thing now, only thing, it’s not Haitians, it’s Cubans and Venezuelans. And they’re coming to Del Rio, but they’re also coming to Eagle Pass, Uvalde, and Carrizo Springs. They’ve essentially spread out the influx here. And now the administration is talking about doing away with Title 42, literally the last bastion that is holding things back. It’s absolutely insane. Republicans have fought hard to keep Title 42 in place. As bad as this crisis is, Title 42 goes away, and this turns into a nightmare overnight.”

He added, “40% of all encounters qualified for Title 42. What does that mean? These historic numbers are about to double overnight if this goes away.”

Gonzales concluded, “I ask, can we afford to not secure the border? The answer should be no. We should be securing the border. Because fentanyl is coming over at record numbers, and it’s killing Americans all over the United States. And it’s coming through the southern border, if anything else, everybody should be focused on securing the border to stop this fentanyl crisis.”

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