Tim Ryan: I Don’t Support Any Limits on Abortion

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Ryan (D-OH) said he wouldn’t support any restrictions on abortion if he is elected to the Senate and “you’ve got to leave it up to the woman.”

Host Bret Baier asked, [relevant remarks begin around 4:15] “As senator, would you have any limits on abortion?”

Ryan answered, “Look, I think what we had established in Roe is something that we can continue to work with, and I think those can be the parameters. But then again, if you get rid of what was established law — which, in many ways, was conservative, to keep that, to appreciate stare decisis and make sure we appreciate the law — if we move away from that, you’re going to get states like Ohio that have some of the most extreme laws in the whole country, where, if you’re a young girl, and you’ve been raped or there’s been incest that you have to — the state, the government is going to force you to bring that baby to term and I don’t think that’s a fundamental value.”

Baier then followed up, “My question was about any limits to abortion at any point, late-term, anything?”

Ryan responded, “Look, you’ve got to leave it up to the woman. Because you and I sitting here…can’t account for all of the different scenarios that a woman dealing with the complexities of a pregnancy are going through. How can you and I figure that out?”

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