MSNBC’s Hayes: DCCC Chair Maloney Committing ‘Egregious Political Malpractice’

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes said Thursday on his show “All In” that the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), is committed “egregious political malpractice” for announcing on Twitter he might primary a fellow Democrat amid New York’s redistricting chaos.

Hayes said, “On Monday, the court-appointed special master released a revived draft map that through everything into further disarray. Under the newly proposed lines, Democrats would be pitted against each other in the same district. And in the wake of this new map, we have seen action from one member of Congress that I have to say is among the most egregious political malpractice I think I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He continued, “Within half an hour of this new map being released, Sean Patrick Maloney announces on Twitter that if this map is finalized, he will abandon his current district and run instead in the neighboring redrawn 17th district. But the 17th district already has a sitting member of Congress. His name is Mondaire Jones, a young black man, freshman, now facing a primary from the head of the DCCC, the person whose job it is to keep the Democratic majority by winning difficult races. According to Politico, as the draft map stands, that 17th district is an easier one for Democrats. It supports Joe Biden by ten points — two points more favorable than the 18th, which Sean Patrick Maloney now represents. Rather than putting his money where his mouth is and running in the slightly harder district, Sean Patrick Maloney is abandoning it.”

Hayes added, “Maybe Sean Patrick Maloney will be embarrassed by the fact he looks like he doesn’t have the courage of his own convictions. He could decide to remain in the 18th district and hold the seat for the Democrats.”

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