Paul Ryan: People Thought Biden Was Going to Be a Centrist — ‘That’s Not What He Was’

On Thursday, former House Speaker Paul Ryan weighed in on the state of the country under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Ryan told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that voters thought Biden was going to be a”centrist” and a “common ground guy” but acknowledged “that’s not what he was.” He lamented that Biden “gave the keys” to the left.

“[L]ook, Joe Biden and I have been friends for years,” Ryan outlined. “I think people thought they were going to get a centrist in office, you know, a common ground guy. That’s not what he was. He gave the keys to the left, the progressives. They steered the country far-left. They tried to go so far left on so many issues, and they didn’t have the majorities to do that. That’s what always confounded me — is they acted as they had these massive majorities with these leftwing ideas.”

He continued, “Tax reform, it works. These policies work, so that’s the thing that I’m excited about. We actually put a lot of good policies in place that have proven to work. I mean, who expected a global pandemic?”

Ryan went on to predict the GOP would take back the House and there would be a “divided government.”

He added, “Frankly, that would be nice to have.”

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