McCaskill: Democrats ‘Can Run Against These Government-Mandated Pregnancies’

MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill said Friday on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade means in the upcoming midterm elections, the Democrats “can run against these government-mandated pregnancies.”

McCaskill said, “I think politically, one thing that is very dangerous to success is being an extreme person, holding very extreme views. And what this movement has done is they have gone for it. They have done very extreme things in my state and many others. The Democrats may have headwinds when it comes to inflation and gas prices, but extremism is powerful. They can run against these government-mandated pregnancies, and what is being done with guns, the extreme positions being taken. I think it might work.:

She added, “I do think the business community has a role here. Mitch McConnell’s dark money is by and large funded by corporations. They funnel lots of money into these anonymous PACs to elect extreme senators. They need to stop. They need to take a look around and, frankly, for the states that have gone so far like my state, what major corporation is going to be able to attract the workers they need? If they are going to a state where if their daughter is raped, she could be a criminal for pursuing termination of her pregnancy or where a young couple couldn’t do IVF because of the laws of a state. They’re going to have a real problem, these states, in terms of economic growth and attracting companies and workers. These businesses need to wake up and quit playing red shirt blue shirt and get with a team that is not so extreme.”

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