GOP Rep. Waltz Calls to ‘Defund’ China — If You See ‘Made in China,’ Put It Down

During this week’s Fox News Channel broadcast of “Sunday Night in America,” Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) pushed for corporations and industries in the United States to “defund” China.

Waltz warned that American businesses were “drunk on Chinese dollars” and called on them to cease business with any Chinese companies. He said funding China was a “national security issue.”

“If you do business with a Chinese company, if you do business in China, you allow their researchers into your labs,” Waltz explained. “They are going to steal your intellectual property. … It doesn’t make them bad people or bad businesses or bad Chinese students. Their government is forcing them to do so. They will set up a competitor, state-subsidize it, put you out of business, and then dominate that market.”

“Historians are going to look back at this and say, ‘You funded your greatest competitor. You funded, America, your demise.’ And we are drunk on Chinese dollars — from Wall Street to the NBA to academia to our politicians across the board,” he added. “Instead of defunding police, how about we defund dictatorships?”

“[M]y message to every group I talk to is when you see ‘Made in China,’ put it down,” Waltz continued. “It’s not just a jobs and a human rights issue. It’s a national security issue. We have got to bring those supply chains back home.”

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