Kellyanne Conway Rips ‘Disloyal’ Kamala Harris — ‘Not Good at Her Job’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” former counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway reacted to a New Hampshire poll showing 74% of Democrat, and independent respondents did not want President Joe Biden to run again in 2024.

Conway said voters didn’t have “confidence” in Biden and noted that Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t register in the poll of top candidates to replace him. She argued that meant Harris was “doing worse than Biden.”

“It’s a huge number, Dana and Bill,” Conway declared. “And this poll of Democrats and independents in New Hampshire was taken while President Biden was fighting COVID. I feel like members of his own party are trying to haunt and taunt him just a little too much these days. I don’t know why they are trying to weaken our president and the leader of their party, but they must also see what The New York Times poll, the Quinnipiac poll, some of the other polls … are showing, which is that people just don’t have confidence in Joe Biden’s leadership.”

“Guess who doesn’t register on that poll of five? His vice president, Kamala Harris,” she continued. “Normally, your vice president is the president in waiting if you’re not going to run or if you’ve served two terms, and she literally does not register. She is doing even worse than Biden when it comes to the poll position but also when it comes to favorability. That poll in New Hampshire … Biden’s net favorability is plus 19% among Democrats and independents in New Hampshire — the first primary state. So, if he starts taking on water within his own party and is going to face not just headwinds in polls now but an actual primary challenger, too, within his own party, that spells trouble, that can really weaken the frontrunner — the incumbent president.”

Conway went on to slam Harris as “disloyal to the country” because she had not done her job.

“She is a huge risk, and also, she’s a terrible disloyalist,” she asserted. “And she is also not good at her job. She’s not doing a good job, but she is not doing the job, Dana. So, why would you give her a promotion? And when I say disloyalist, she is the sitting vice president. Not only is she disloyal to Joe Biden in doing that, but she is disloyal to the country. She doesn’t have a body of work that we can point to that makes us feel great about her performance in the last 18 months.”

“If you don’t believe me, believe the 15 senior staffers who have left the vice president’s office,” Conway added. “So, if you are going and you’re trying to convince donors to invest in you, what’s the game plan? What’s the deliverable? And she likes to run around and say, ‘I’m the first woman; I’m first vice president of color.’ That’s great for the country, but my goodness, she has to show a body of work. And we just don’t see it. The three or four things she has been put in charge of have not produced results.”

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