Steny Hoyer: GOP Questioning FBI Raid ‘Dangerous, Despicable and Disappointing’

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom” that the Republicans’ rhetoric on the FBI’s action at Mar-a-Lago was “dangerous, despicable and disappointing.”

Harlow said, “This morning, we know a lot more about why the FBI carried out the search. The FBI sought classified documents related to nuclear weapons. The New York Times reports officials were worried leaving those documents at Mar-a-Lago could leave them vulnerable to foreign adversaries acquiring them. I wonder if the tone of rhetoric you’re hearing this morning, given all of those developments, is different now from your Republican colleagues?”

Hoyer said, “The Republicans fell all over themselves to demand accountability of Hillary Clinton. They are now saying, in effect, that this president should not be accountable. Their remarks are dangerous, despicable, and disappointing. The fact of the matter is, in America, no one is above the law, no one. No president, in my view, certainly no former president is above the law. The FBI, unlike Mr. Comey in the Hillary Clinton case, acted consistent with their ideals and with their protocols. The response has been to threaten law enforcement officers for doing their duty. That’s what I say is despicable, threatening them.”

He added, “We do know that the rhetoric online of Trump supporters threatening law enforcement, threatening the judge, having the synagogue cancel its service because of the threats that occurred is despicable. It’s un-American. Every American ought to oppose that, and certainly, every elected official who has pledged to defend the laws of the United States of America should condemn that kind of violent reaction. No one is above the law.”

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