GOP Rep. Davidson: Biden Was Warned to Prepare for Afghanistan Evacuation, He Ignored It and We Got the Wrong People Out

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) reacted to the IG report on deficiencies in the vetting process for people from Afghanistan by stating that Congress tried to come up with an expedited process for people who helped the U.S. through the SIV process and warned the Biden administration to get ready to evacuate allies, but the administration failed to heed their warnings.

Davidson said, “[I]n Congress, we tried to create an expedited path for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) process, where we could bring over people who helped us, who risked their own lives and the lives of their family members to help us. And that was really not implemented in the spring. We called attention to it in the summer, last year, trying to get ready for what was coming. And this all goes back to the Biden administration choosing a time, August 31, instead of an event-driven timeline that says, hey, when we get our allies and our American citizens out, then we’ll leave. We put a lot of pressure on the administration to do that, they would not change course. And then the other thing is, they put no pressure on the places that were helping us, allies like Germany, who said, well, you can stay here for a couple of days, but then you’ve got to get out. We should have been able to get people out of harm’s way in Afghanistan, fully vet everybody, and then send the people that should be back in the United States back to the United States, and the people that shouldn’t, should have been sent back to Afghanistan.”

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