Bobulinski: I Would Have Verified Hunter Laptop Story ‘Within Five Minutes’ if Anyone from Facebook, Twitter Reached Out

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski stated that if Facebook, Twitter, or anyone else had reached out to him to verify the authenticity of emails sent to him in The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, he would have produced the email, with the metadata, within minutes, but no one did.

Bobulinski said, “[W]hen The New York Post ran their article, an individual named Andy Stone stepped in. … And throttled down the fact pattern. The interesting thing with that, Tucker, is Andy Stone never reached out to me. He never called my lawyers. My email address was there. I’m easy to get ahold of. Facebook never reached out to me and said, hey, Tony we see this email that The New York Post just published to you, is it real? Can you produce the email to us? Within five minutes, if Twitter, Facebook, anybody else had reached out, I would have produced the email with — everyone wants to talk about the metadata, oh, the emails that are being produced don’t have any metadata — I would have given them the metadata that’s pages long on that email that The New York Post published.”

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