Vermont Family Details School’s Punishment for Objecting to Biological Male in Girls’ Locker Room

Girls’ soccer coach Travis Allen for Randolph Union Middle School in Vermont and his daughter Blake appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday to discuss the results of their objections to a transgender student in a girls’ locker room.

Carlson said, “Travis Allen learned the hard way. He was a girl’s soccer coach at Randolph Union Middle School in Vermont. He was just suspended from his job without pay because he complained about a male student looming around the girls’ locker room. Then the school, because this is North Korea at this point, punished Travis Allen’s daughter, Blake Allen, for speaking out about it too. Blake Allen was on the volleyball team.”

Carlson asked, “Travis, first to you, did I misstate what happened? You complained about a man in the women’s locker room, and you were punished?”

Allen said, “Correct? I made a media post, or sorry, a social media post that referred to the male student as a male, and I was punished because I misgendered him.”

Carlson said, “You lost your job, or you’re suspended without pay from your job?”

Allen said, “Correct, as the soccer coach.”

Carlson said, “So you were the creep in this?… It’s beyond belief.”

Carlson asked, “Blake Allen, what did you do wrong in the eyes of the school, and how were you punished.”

Blake said, “I was in the locker room, and the trans student walked in, and the rest of the team was in there. I was really uncomfortable, and I left, and I told the school, and they just shut me down, that there was nothing they could do. I was later suspended because I voiced my opinion that a male shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room. Then when we filed the lawsuit, they dropped the suspension.”

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