RNC’s McDaniel: Obama Campaigning Shows Dems ‘Hail Mary Desperation’

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus” that Democrats were having former President Barack Obama campaign for their candidates out of “desperation.”

Anchor Harris Faulkner said, “First of all, Barack Obama possibly could get somebody elected, but it might only be himself. When you hear Democrats say ten years since he was on the ballot, that has got to help Republicans.”

McDaniel said, “It seems like a Hail Mary desperation, and it is so evident they are not putting Biden out on the campaign trail. You know why Harris? Because the candidates don’t want to be with Biden. His approval rating is record-low. They don’t want to be seen with him. Tim Ryan has said he doesn’t want to be seen with him. Warnock doesn’t want to be seen with him. Nobody wants Biden in their state. That is why he is stuck in Delaware.”

She added, “So they are pulling out the relic of Obama and hoping it will help lift their chances. It will be a tight election, and we need everybody to get out and vote. I don’t call it a red wave until we see it on election day.”

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