Dem Rep. Lofgren: Trump’s Attempt to Go to the Capitol Turned January 6 into ‘Coup Attempt’

Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump trying to go to the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 attack turned it into a “coup attempt.”

Discussing Secret Service members’ testimony to the January 6 Committee, Lofgren said, “I do have concerns either there were inconsistent recollections, or else there were, I mean, there were warnings that should have been heeded. There were certainly vulnerabilities that were left open and why that happened is a big question.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “So this sounds like more than the area of the investigation around the altercation in the car, you’re talking about actual security failures?”

Lofgren said, “Yes. And you know, the testimony of Miss Hutchinson, was never that that happened, it was that she was told by Mr. Ornato that had happened. And we see there were different recollections about that. But the real point wasn’t whether or not there was, you know, a physical altercation of a minor sort, it was whether the former president intended to go to the Capitol. There is ample evidence from multiple sources that that was his intention. I think that is very chilling. As one of the officers said, and I think we’ve played this or had the record in one of our hearings, his going to the Capitol turned this into something other than a rally. It turned it into a coup attempt. ”

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